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Brit horror Polterheist has more than a sprinkling of Northern humour despite all the ghostly goings-on. Director Dave Gilbank plays for scares and laughs in this independent flick about two hapless criminals who seek the services of a psychic to help them trace lost loot. The  premiere is on Sept 26 at the Light Cinema, Bradford.

This is a horror straight from the heart of Bradford, a feature production born from a multi-festival winning short film of the same name which set the framework for a winning model. The feature version has emulated the festival success of the short and a theatrical release may well follow if its UK premiere at the Light Cinema, Bradford is just as popular.

(Above photo)  Boxy (Jamie Cymbal) Alice (Jo Mousley) and Tariq (Sid Akbar Ali)  conjure up some supernatural shenanigans in search of lost loot. The wannabe gangster/drug dealers meet a force to be reckoned with when they awaken the dead. Psychic Alice (centre) is roped into their desperate plans.

Demand for the film has led to the production team organising a second premiere at the same venue Light Cinema, Bradford, on October 1st and they warn tickets are running out fast. Just in time for Halloween season!

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