Pure London 2019, Festival of Fashion

London Fashion Week Fashionistas, designers, retailers and buyers flocked to Olympia Kensington Feb 10-12 for Pure London Festival of Fashion. Stalls featured the latest in menswear, womenswear, shoes, accessories as well as catwalk shows, talks and seminars.

Ethical ideals and commitments to sustainability were prominent features of many stalls keen to appeal to environment-conscious consumers. A keynote of the festival was a speech by Steve Kenzie, Executive Director of United Nations Global Impact. He took the Main Stage with his United Nations & Power of One 2019 address particularly poignant during these times of environmental concerns.

Corinne Maumus, owner of the Zen Ethic brand was amongst those embracing this spirit, proudly sharing with Studio UK the ethics behind her stall. Her Paris-based boutique has been in operation for 22 years and only uses cotton fabrics while avoiding chemicals when fastening colours. Also vegetable oils are preferred during manufacture. Moreover, her floral and ethnic-designed couture is all made from recycled cloth.

Another standout stall where ethics are concerned was the Cornwall-based Nomad brand. Once you have stumbled upon their charming range of bohemian garments you are equally charmed by the history behind the brand. The owners travelled to India over 30 years ago and their travels inspired their fashion line. The firm started selling from a single stall on Portobello Rd, catering for the boho consumer footfall and over the years modifying the bohemian elements to embrace a wider market.


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