Polterheist director Dave Gilbank Triumphs Again at the Miraban Film Awards

(Above – magazine editor Eddie Saint-Jean attending film festivals bringing you the best of independent films. Interviews, Reviews, Trailers, Production clips. Grab a front row seat!

Super successful Bradford-based independent filmmaker Dave Gilbank picks up yet another award for his horror feature film Polterheist – this time at the Miraban Film Awards 2018, Dec 7th. That makes it the tenth award in total for a film that has been selected for over 30 film festivals. The previous short film version was selected for around 100! It’s still catching up, but don’t worry – it’s early days.

The awards ceremony was at the suitably lavish and historic Electric Cinema on Portobello Rd, which is one of London’s oldest cinemas. An art deco architectural masterpiece itself, built in 1910 and a stirring venue for upcoming talent to showcase their creativity.

Director Dave Gilbank with award alongside one of the festival organisers

Dave Gilbank receiving his Best Film award.

During a Q&A session Dave shared with the audience how his Northern background shaped his cinematic outlook and his portrayal of the characters. The feature film is about two hapless wannabee gangsters who seek out the services of a psychic to recover lost loot. However, there are supernatural consequences for summoning the dead.

All the award winners in every category on stage.

Clips from nominated feature films were screened along with the winning Best International, Best UK, Best Comedy, Best Drama and Best Experimental short films in full.

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