Music: Interview with drill rapper Milli

In his early teens East London rapper Milli aspired to transform his rhymes into super-powered raps as seen on  GRM Daily and Link Up TV. His  ambitions have been met in large part by working with drill music’s most renowned names such as producers M1 On The Beat and Mr W.O.T. (World Of Talent Entertainment). Milli tells Studio UK about his path to becoming a rapper and his latest productions.

How long have you been a rapper and what first inspired you to want to take those first steps?

I have been rapping since the age of 12. Me and a friend had a Youtube channel to showcase our music but we didn’t go nowhere far LOOL!. But then afterwards at about age 14 we got kicked out of school so I tried do it again with the name Milano Deniro. It worked better without my friend but still wasn’t quite good enough to take me to the next level so I got in contact with Mr W.O.T. and now we’re on the route to success.

Producer – M1 On The Beat (left)    Rapper – Milli (right)

Can you remember the first rap you ever wrote? How does it sound compared to your more recent music and what inspires your lyrics in 2018?

The first complete/major rap I ever posted on Youtube was a Milano Deniro freestyle on  Blackbox.

But my name changed to Milli when the drill mask came on. Before when I wrote rhymes it would basically be a poem but now I can see flows without even speaking the lyrics out loud. My first actual record was Half Ounce – which was my third project with Mr W.O.T.

Are you planning more tracks, an EP or album. Tell us more?

I’ve got an EP coming late 2018-early 2019. Its called MWM which stands for Milli, Wot M1OnTheBeat.

By the way, who are your top 5 favourite rappers?

1. Mizormac
2. Trippie Redd
3. Digga D
4. Loski
5. NBA Youngboy

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