Film: World Premiere of Nightshooters at Raindance

Grab some popcorn and a front row seat for the best of independent films. Interviews, reviews, trailers, production clips.


A packed out Vue Piccadilly saw the return to form of writer-director Marc Price who made his name with the micro-budget zombie horror Colin which made national news in 2008 because it cost £49 to make. Nightshooters cost a little more, no doubt about that. This light-hearted action-thriller features a group of indie filmmakers trapped in a derelict building, not by the bulldozers but by criminals. They are in the wrong place at the wrong time to witness a brutal gangland murder and unfortunately for the film crew, these bad guys don’t want to leave any witnesses. Marc agreed to an interview with Studio UK. Check out the clip below.

Later in the same clip we interview Raindance Q&A host Samuel Awosoga (below) on his opinions about the movie.

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