The Rising Stars of Chicago Drill Rap

Rico Recklezz,  Lil’ Durk, 600 Breezy and, of course, producer Young Chop.

Chicago drill producer Young Chop

Studio UK goes STUDIO GLOBAL and takes a transatlantic peak at the studio output from the Chicago Youtube rappers who are leading a global rap revolution.  

RICO RECKLEZZ paid homage to Tupac (but not his fellow Chicago rappers) with his own version of Pac’s Hit Em’ Up but this time attacking ALL the big name Chicago rappers – Chief Keef, Lil’ Reece, Lil’ Durk,  even Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco! The list goes on. Most of these hardcore rappers took it as a joke but not 600 Breezy. The two got involved in a twitter spat with Recklezz threatening to drive up to his hood and run up on him. Recklezz says he only got into rap because his homeboy Lil’ JoJo  got killed after bringing out a Chief Keef diss record. 

Rico Recklezz

600 BREEZY a Southsider whose rap career was briefly interrupted by prison time but has now emerged as Drake’s favourite rapper. The drill rapper grew up with fellow Southsiders Fredo Santana and Lil’ Durk and counts them as his pals and inspirations. He admits Chief Keef was the first to show Chicago rappers they could get fame and success from the popularity of Youtube views. Breezy  released constant updates about his tracks from his prison cell and now  has Youtube views hitting the millions: Don’t Get Smoked – 3 million and Do Sum – over 1 million. On one of his tracks he was rapping over an instrumental by legendary Southside drill producer Young Chop.

600 Breezy

YOUNG CHOP born Tyree Pittman is now the producer behind Chief Keef’s biggest hits including Love Sosa and I Don’t Like and has now released his own solo albums revealing his hidden rapping skills. He has come a long way since his own debut album Fat Gang or No Gang and his  more recent track Out My System features the likes of Lil’ Durk. Interestingly, Chop admits that back in 2011-12 rival gangs and haters may have led to the millions of Youtube views that Chicago rappers were clocking up – because they were lining up to diss the tracks in the comments section. He says that no longer occurs and now it’s only genuine fans.

Young Chop

He claims that the Southside Drill beats produced in his studio took Drill to a new level because they were lower in octaves. They certainly have more menace than rival producers as well as the luck of having the cream of the Chicago crop in Chief Keef, Lil Reece, Lil Durk, Fredo Santana and 600 Breezy waiting in the wings to mic up in the recording booth. 


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