Ghetts Launches New Album with Art ‘Ghettsibition’ 


After a three-year hiatus Ghetts returns with  new album Ghetto Gospel: the New Testament, taken from the name of his 2007 groundbreaking pre-album mixtape Ghetto Gospel. To give the launch the full-scale promotion to match the weighty title, it was billed as an exhibition all-dayer – a Ghettsibition – at Kachette in Shoreditch, including a Q&A with Ayala (below). It features artwork for each album track as well as photos and art marking important periods in his life and his ascent as a Grime rap legend. 

The 17-track album’s first single Black Rose, a gentler track than is normally associated with Ghetts, deals with skin shade issues amongst the black race and begins with his six-year-old daughter asking why there are no dolls in the shops that look like her. The ballad-like tone ideal for representing a father concerned about raising his daughter in modern society.

The Plaistow-born East Ender has come a long way since his debut as a 21-year-old, making his mark  with mixtapes, albums and battle raps with the likes of old foes PMoney and Bashy. His new album will have to take on the popularity of new London rap sounds such as drill but veers off in the opposite direction of this aggressive new fad. He doesn’t regard it as a threat and quite likes the music.

However,  this new look Ghetts is more philosophical and appreciative of his platform as a spokesperson of Grime. Only too aware of the importance of this status, he uses the lyrical content on the album to steer the youth in the right path. Fatherhood is his main focus rather than street beefs.

Eddie Saint-Jean

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