The Many Faces of Multi-Talented Zuza Tehanu

POLISH-BORN musician-perfomer Zuza Tehanu, now based in London, is unique amongst the capital’s creative community for the diversity of her creative talents. She heads the alternative rock band Yavenirie who dish up their own unique brand of dark, experimental guitar-driven music on the gig circuit.  However, she also dances and is choreographer for a similarly dark and experimental fusion of theatre and dance called Dark Soul Dance Theatre.  Oh.. and that’s not all. She’s also an actress,  photographer, fire-eater, burlesque performer and circus artist – as well as being a songwriter, lead singer and lead guitarist Phew!! Below we present the Many Faces of Zuza Tehanu.

Preparing for performance.  Photo by Pavlito vel Pablo

Photo by Boguslaw Mastaj

Photo by Jole PJ Pascale

Her ever-expanding interests in face and body painting as well as costume making have also tied in with her extravagant performances in these many genres. Her keen knowledge of photographic processes ensuring that they are captured with dazzling effect.

Fire shows, stilt-walking, and underwater performance and photography are all the standard fare when you’re this talented and committed to your art. It’s a wonder she finds time to gig with her band! But you can find them on stage regularly at the likes of 48 Bar in Oval and The Gunners Bar, Highbury.

The mix of fashion, make up, music and performance ( to name a few) is a Zuza Tehanu original concept but relies on the collaborative talents of photographers who capture her living art with the total vibrancy of her vision.

Photo by Andrey Kurochkin   

Photo by Goska Topolska

Her band Yavenrie has emerged as her new focus in recent years, having been in several bands since 2012. She formed a partnership with bassist Tomasz Brajter, which has now produced an album of songs – all written by herself. They also recently produced a video for one of the songs – Something is Coming. Her experimental, almost surrealist approach to creativity is apparent in the eye-catching costumes and spooky displays – helped in no small way by the stand out performances of her dance group Dark Soul Dance Theatre.

Photo by Mark Fennel

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